Constructivist Experience

Aisling Murrary from the Science Gallery said that their goal is to have students who experience one of their exhibits say that “I left with more questions than answers.” After spending the past week learning not only about ICT in schools, but the history and culture of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, I have a lot more questions than answers. Therefore, it was a great experience and one that I wish many of my colleagues could have had.

On the plane ride home, which was extremely long, I started to organize these questions so I could dig deeper, but found myself thwarted by lack of Internet access. This made me reflect on how important it is that we provide good, reliable and robust Internet access to all of our students, so when they discover an area of interest, they can explore it and create new understandings. I started to think about how that network infrastructure has to happen, but without inquiry-based teaching and learning, the need isn’t there. For example, if I had gone to Ireland with a sightseeing tour group, I probably would have been fine with reviewing the photographs that I took and watching the in-flight movie. But, the CoSN Delegation was like being in the classroom we want for all of our students.


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