After sharing our CoSN Ireland trip agenda with my father, on my way to the airport, I get an email that says— “The statue of Robert Emmett is in St Stephens Green, just like the one in Emmetsburg”  This is where my parents are from.

 So on Saturday, our guide helps us find Robert Emmet in the Green and we take a picture.   It is pretty cool that the statue I remember in the town square as a child is also in Dublin—it makes the connection and my trip a bit more personnel.  Which sparks my interest in who this guy Emmet is and why he has a statue and a town named after him. 


Turns out there are four copies of the statue, one in Dublin, one in Washington DC, one in San Francisco and one In Emmetsburg Iowa and Robert Emmet is a big deal in Ireland.  But the story about how the statue got to Iowa is the best! Here is the article that I found explaining how “A Small Town Struggles to Preserve Its Irish Heritage”

Bottom line, as we begin our delegation to Ireland to learn about education and technology in the schools I wonder what other connections we will find.